Weighty thoughts about hepatitis C

I just stepped on the scale and discovered I gained 8 pounds in the past 6 months. For most weight watchers, that would be bad news. For me it was good.

A year ago I lost 12 pounds in a very short time. I’m a small person, so that was a lot to lose. My clothes appeared much too large, and I had to a wear a belt with any pair of pants because otherwise, they would slip off my vanished hips.

The weight loss predated my diagnosis with hepatitis C. The weight gain came after my treatment. To get back into shape I’ve been wearing a Fitbit. I’ve been walking and running and counting my daily steps, which have more than doubled since January. Yet I’m gaining weight, and today I climbed beyond the weight limit I had set for myself before I knew of my infection.

Back then, I would have been alarmed over this. Now I’m feeling cheery about gaining those extra pounds. I think they’re a sign the virus is gone.



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