Those acronyms in hep C virological response — what they mean

This coming week I will be getting my six-month viral count, which should determine whether my hep C has been cured. I’m confident I’ll achieve SVR. That’s because I had an RVR, an EVR and an ETR. Here’s what all those acronyms mean:

RVR: Rapid virological response means that hep C RNA is undetectable after 4 weeks of treatment.

EVR: Early virological response means the virus is undetectable after 12 weeks of treatment.

ETR: End of treatment response means no hep can be found in the blood at the end of treatment, which used to be 6 months to a year. Now, it’s often 12 weeks or less, so EVR and ETR could be determined by the same test.

SVR: Sustained virological response means the viral RNA can’t be found 6 months after treatment.

I’m hoping for SVR, and I have a good chance of it. Researchers say achieving an RVR is a predictor of treatment success. I’ll write more on this in the next post. In the meantime, I welcome comments on how your acronyms have been going.


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