Chinese Medicine and hepatitis C

I just spoke with an amazing woman from San Francisco. Misha Cohen is an acupuncturist and practitioner of Chinese Medicine. Misha studied acupuncture at Lincoln Hospital in New York City and went on to study in San Francisco and establish a practice there. She wrote The Hepatitis C Help Book with Dr. Robert Gish, hepatologist and recipient of a Humanitarian of the Year award for his work with Vietnamese people infected with hepatitis B.

Misha advocates a combination of Western and Eastern medicine for dealing with hepatitis C. “It takes a very strong medicine to clear the virus,” she says, and there’s no conclusive evidence that herbs or other alternative medicine can do it. She advises hep C patients to proceed with anti-viral treatment through accomplished hepatologists.

In addition, she says, it’s tremendously helpful for patients to follow Chinese methods while undergoing treatment and after the virus is cleared. Chinese medicine can improve blood circulation through the liver and can calm the patient, she says. This can help a virus-cleared liver to regenerate. Also, Chinese medicine could help stabilize a cirrhotic liver after treatment, she says.

“I think we can help a substantial number of people,” she says, but adds that she can only guide her patients toward better health. “They are doing a huge amount of work on their own. Every single day of their lives.”

I found just talking to Misha helpful. My virus has been cleared, but I have to live with my liver for the rest of my life. Chinese medicine could make it longer.

Check out Doc Misha’s Chicken Soup Chinese Medicinechicken soup


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