Found another criticism of the hep C scenes on Wentworth

A reader, Deb, commented that she hopes there is a loud outcry in Britain about Wentworth’s portrayal of people who have hep C. I hunted through the internet and found just one other blog besides AfterEllen that is critical of the show’s implications about hep. The blog is called Jo’s Voice .

Blogger Jo Soucek, whom I believe  is Australian, says Wentworth is right to create awareness of hepatitis C, but the show should get its facts straight. The facts include that lots of good people contract hep. TV watchers should keep in mind that fiction can differ wildly from facts.TV watching


3 responses to “Found another criticism of the hep C scenes on Wentworth

  1. Yes, I am Australian. I have a dear friend with Hep C and, after I watched Wentworth and was appalled by the portrayal of the illness, I wanted to do something and show sufferers of Hep C that there are people in the community who reject the stereotypes and support them. It is disappointing that TV persists with stereotypes because they are a vehicle that informs so much of society’s perceptions and views, moreso than the news. I too was surprised by the lack of outcry, but unfortunately it is extremely difficult to find a voice in the mainstream media. Your blog is excellent and very informative.

    • Thank you. It was good to read your blog and your comment. It’s amazing how people who are concerned about the stigma of hep C can connect halfway around the world. Please pass this blog along to your friend. I hope she is well on her way toward treatment and recovery.

      • Yes, it is amazing how people can connect. Unfortunately my friend is waiting for the some of the new (cure) drugs to be provided to her on compassionate grounds because the Australian government has not yet put them on our Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme. It’s a source of much anger because most countries have them available, and they are scientifically and cost effective. Our government is dreadful at the moment. The stigma, discrimination and anxiety about treatment has done her as much damage as the illness itself. I am sure this is a very common story in the Hep C community. The education around and management of this illness is some of the worst I have seen and it’s an indictment on society. It is great that blogs like this exist to help rectify matters and support people.

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