Hepatitis C manuscript goes to publisher

As I raced for a few weeks to finish the manuscript of The Miracle Cure (tentative title), I was away from this blog. I just submitted the text to the publisher, and I’m back.

As the book heads toward publication in fall 2016, I’ll be updating it with new information about hepatitis C . Until then, if any of you who are reading this blog have news or opinions about hep C topics, please comment. This blog is open to everyone–and so is the book.

Florida mapTomorrow I’ll be flying to Florida for R, R & R. The third R is for research. I’ll be talking to my sister, whose daughter (my niece) was denied hep C treatment four times by her insurance company. The book will tell the story. I hope that as my book is being edited there will be a promising conclusion. Please stay tuned.


2 responses to “Hepatitis C manuscript goes to publisher

    • My niece lives in Florida. Her insurance company denied coverage because her liver damage was less that F3.

      In Canada, most provinces will treat hep C at level 2 fibrosis.

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