Cover of my book on hepatitis C

Greystone Books, which will be publishing my book on hepatitis C, has come up with a cover. I think designer Peter Cocking did a fantastic job.Demon cover

The book will be launched in early 2017. I’ll let you know when I learn the specific date. It’s all in the hands of Greystone, which is doing excellent work in getting this book ready for production.


2 responses to “Cover of my book on hepatitis C

  1. Thanks so much for pointing out the image problem. I just fooled around with the jpg file, uploaded a second one, and have discovered that WordPress is more finicky than I had thought. There are now images on both the home page and the book page for this blog. Note that the comment at the top of the cover (if you can read it) has been made up. It will be replaced by an actual reviewer’s comment once the book goes to press.

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