New Helpline Established for British Columbians with Hep C

Peer-to-peer counselling for people with hepatitis C has been available in the United States for several years. Now people in British Columbia have their own help line through the Pacific Hepatitis C Network.

This is great news for Canadians who have hepatitis C and want to talk with someone who has had their own experience with the disease. The toll free number for British Columbians is 1 888 411 7578. Ask for Daryl Luster.

For the U.S. helpline, please call 877-435-7443.


9 responses to “New Helpline Established for British Columbians with Hep C

  1. Hi Elizabeth – thank you for posting about the H4HBC helpline!

    A couple of things: the helpline is open to anyone in Canada but right now we are promoting for BC only. This is because our funding is mostly BC-specific so the resources in our database are BC-specific. We won’t turn anyone away though.

    Second is our helpline number is: 1 888 411 7578

    Can you update your post? The web address for the BC helpline is Be in touch anytime with questions etc.

    Thanks again for promoting the helpline!


    Deb Schmitz

    Operations Manager

    604 740 1092 m.



    • Dear Elizabeth,
      Thank you for your kind words of support for our helpline. As I am into my fourth year doing this work with Help-4-Hep I am so happy to see us expand into Canada where i live! There is no better way to learn than from informed people who have lived experience!

      Daryl Luster-HCV Advocate and Peer Navigator.

    • Hi Elizabeth, I hope you are well and everything is going well!

      I am unsure what implant they are referring to in the question, or do they mean transplant? Great news today for BC hep c community!


      • Thanks for your comment, Daryl. I heard you talk on CBC today, and I’m glad you’re still advocating for people with hepatitis C. We’re lucky in B.C. to have a government that has at long last recognized the need to treat everyone, but there are still recovery issues and a worldwide problem to deal with. By the way, I’m not sure where you found the reference to “implant” or “transplant.” Was it in the minister’s announcement?

      • Thank you Elizabeth, the job is not done with hep c by a long shot, with linkage to care issues and disparity and equity still in great need of being addressed here at home and all over the world. The reference to implant was from a question I saw here in a notification I received.

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