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Today I’m 100% free of hepatitis C. I had hep C it for a long time–more than 40 years. The day after my second daughter was born, just hours after I arrived home from the hospital, I hemorrhaged. Luckily a friend who was an intern was visiting. He raced me back to the hospital, careering his car through a Montreal blizzard. As I lay on a gurney in the emergency room, I had lost so much blood the nurses couldn’t find my pulse. I received a massive blood transfusion.

Back then there was no blood screening for hepatitis C.The cover of Elizabeth Rains' book to be published by Greystone Books

Between then and now, I moved west and morphed through many careers, starting as a hippie soapstone carver, becoming a graphic artist, moving into journalism, and ending as a university instructor. My daughters grew into successful, caring women. My husband and I bought a former grow-op and transformed it into a lovely waterfront home. Life was good–so it seemed.

Then I learned of the hep. It was attacking my liver and I was terrified. But I knew I needed to confront my fear, so I did what I usually do in a crisis. I read books, articles, websites, and reports about my situation, and I talked to every expert I could find who knows about the topic. This disease could kill me, and at the very least I wanted to learn about it. Then to calm myself, I did what calms me: I wrote. The writing turned into a book,  Demon in My Blood: My Fight with Hep C–and a Miracle Cure, which was published in 2017 by Greystone Books. As I amassed research and dug into my memories of six frightful months during treatment, I began writing this blog.

I hope this blog helps people with hepatitis C feel less bookalone with their disease. I also hope it gives them confidence to pursue one of the current antiviral treatments. I was cured by an early combination of these miracle drugs. I took two pills a day (sofosbuvir and simeprevir) for 12 weeks, with no side effects. This blog discusses my treatment and current issues surrounding hepatitis C. My aim is to connect with other people who have or had hepatitis C.

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope you you will follow it and post your comments.

–Elizabeth Rains

Here’s an excerpt from the book, from Tonic Magazine.


11 responses to “The Blog and the Book

    • Thank you. It’s wonderful connecting with people like you who pour their energies into advocating for testing and treatment.

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  3. Elizabeth, I’m a little late on reading your blog but was so interested in every word. Can’t wait to read more. Mary.

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    • Thanks for your story. This site focuses on hepatitis C, but hep B is also a very serious disease. According to my research, there is no know cure for hepatitis B but it occasionally goes away on its own.

  6. Hi Elizabeth, I’m almost half way through your book, Demon in my Blood and it is amazing! I could have written it myself, but i didn’t. I’m newly diagnosed with Hep C, which I’ve probably had for 40 years or more. Our life paths are so similar! I lived in the West Village at the time you were there, in the Warhol enclave. I knew Lou Reed and Velvet Underground people. They had their annual pig roast in our back yard at the bottom of Ninth Avenue. You may have known me — I was the girl with waist-length brown hair and tie-dye tops. (kidding) I’m in the research phase, trying to decide on the best course of treatment. I’ve practiced natural healing for many years, but apparently it hasn’t been enough to eradicate this shocking disease. Thank you for writing the book. If I survive this ordeal, I may write one of my own.

    • Helena, thank you so much for your comments about my book. I hope you are able to get treated soon. These days, just about everyone who follows one of the new treatment regimes gets cured. Very best wishes for a swift treatment and full recovery.

  7. Dear Elizabeth,

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